Spring?……..What Spring?

As organic gardeners we plant our seeds in winter.  We place them under florescent grow lights and wait the first sign of Spring.  When the ground is barely thawed, we pant those first few cool season veggies.  The broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages are put out trying to take advantage of the cooler weather and get those harvests as soon as possible.

This year things are a bit different!  Where is Spring?  Those cool days that warm up just enough to lose your jacket and then cool off again as the sun goes down.  Maybe I missed that.  We have been very busy.  Now we find ourselves planting broccoli AND tomatoes at the same time.  In past years our worry this time of year was to keep the young seedlings in our hoop house warm.  This season we are vigilantly monitoring and keeping the temperature down.  While this takes some extra work, we are excited at the potential outcome.

We are planting those cool season veggies under shade cloth to keep them cool and happy. At the same time we are AMAZED at the size of our tomato plants.  We already have blooms and will have some of the earliest tomatoes I can remember. 

Oh sure this unique season’s temps will cause some problems, but, as with all farmers, we will adapt and look for the silver lining!!  Or in this case a beautiful pink and red lining.  Be sure to choose your tomato variety soon.

Plan it Well!  Plant it Well! Planet Well!

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